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Keyword Technology is a world-wide leader in search engine ranking and keyword technology. Since 1996 we have offered companies with search engine ranking services and keyword technology to ensure top rankings at the search engines. Our qualified staff can assist you in placing your site in top position.

With over 85% of all new visitors to a web site originating from major search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, Google and others, it is essential that any business ensures that their customers can find them. While most web site owners recognize the importance of a top search engine placement for their business, very few have the knowledge or time required to ensure that their web site is placed above their competitors. With Keyword Technology, web site owners can now have this task managed completely for them.

If you have any questions on search engine ranking or would like a personalized quotation for your web site, then please feel free to either email us or call us, 800-780-6029


Keyword Technology
Because Keyword Technology plays such an important role in your site sales, don't leave it to chance, contact us today!
We'll handle all the details, we can review your site, analyze it for the relevant keywords, review your competitors, and combine all the technology to bring you to the Top.
Relevant Traffic = Sales - if you have a product that is fairly priced, convenient access and ordering, sales are made with one key ingredient Relevant Traffic.
We'll get that traffic to your site and you can begin increasing sales almost immediately!

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